2 – 4 Year Olds

2 – 4 Year Olds

Child-Centered Learning at Ellemnopy: At Ellemnopy, we believe in fostering child-centered learning in our preschool program. We recognize that preschool-aged children are naturally curious and eager to explore their world. In our approach, we encourage them to take the initiative in their learning by pursuing activities that genuinely interest them. This approach helps children become more self-motivated and engaged learners.

Cooperative Learning at Ellemnopy: We understand the importance of cooperative learning at Ellemnopy. Our preschool program provides numerous opportunities for children to interact and collaborate with their peers. We believe that these interactions promote valuable social and teamwork skills that will benefit children throughout their lives.

Teacher’s Role at Ellemnopy: In our preschool program, our teachers play the role of facilitators and guides rather than directors. We support and encourage children’s exploration and learning, rather than dictating what they should do or providing all the answers. This approach at Ellemnopy fosters independence and critical thinking in our young learners.

Introduction of Key Skills at Ellemnopy: Ellemnopy’s preschool program introduces several essential skills that serve as building blocks for future learning:

Recognizing the Alphabet: We lay the foundation for literacy development by helping preschoolers become familiar with letters, their shapes, and the sounds they make. This sets the stage for reading and writing.

Beginning to Read: Early literacy skills are nurtured at Ellemnopy as children are exposed to reading materials and engaging storytelling. They may start to recognize simple words and develop a love for books.

Working with Numbers: Our program introduces basic numeracy skills, such as counting, recognizing numbers, and understanding simple mathematical concepts. This helps prepare children for more advanced math learning.

Exploring Arts and Crafts: Creative expression through arts and crafts is a cornerstone of our approach. It encourages imagination and fine motor skills development, allowing children to explore their creativity and make connections between art and the world around them.

Refining Hand-Eye Coordination and Problem-Solving Skills: These skills are fundamental for overall development. Activities that involve manipulating objects, puzzles, and games help children improve their hand-eye coordination and develop problem-solving abilities.